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Our only business at Saraland Coin is - Coins. We do not buy or sell new jewelry, scrap gold and silver jewelry or melt items.  

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Thanks to our many customers and friends for 9 great years. Come join us in year 10.

One of the most important aspects any business can hope to cultivate is customer trust. That is particularly true in the coin business. All collectible coins are graded on a sliding scale of 1 - 70. That grade, along with rarity of date and mintmark determines the market price of the coin. At Saraland Coin we have a computer database of all American coins in every grade. By using that system during buying and selling sessions, along with the latest coin auction prices, you can be assured that we offer some of the best values to be found in the industry. From the novice collector to the advanced, our selection of American pre 1965 silver coins and early type copper coins can fill any need you might have. We are just a simple coin store. Why not try us today?